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Why a 'Never Quit' Attitude Guides My Life

Why a 'Never Quit' Attitude Guides My Life

August 17, 2022
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People often wonder what lead me to financial services. It's deeply personal and really, rather simple. I believe that everyone has their own set of strengths and struggles, but by understanding them, I can build a synergistic team to better serve the goals and aspirations of my clients. I firmly believe that ideas and concepts presented to clients should simply make sense instead of being overly complicated with fancy language and beta coefficients.

I graduated from Jacksonville University in 1992 with my undergraduate degree, including three minors, and went on to earn my MBA from the University of North Florida in 1994.

I have been charged with a “Never Quit.” attitude. Upon graduation in 1994, I followed my legacy's footsteps and became a third-generation finance professional. However, it was not the family lineage that preceded me here but the desire to help folks, to relate to them, show true caring, and mean it.  To back it up, if you will. I entered the industry in 1994 as an independent financial advisor under the umbrella of a large broker/dealer, where I was “New Agent of the Month” for 12 of 24 months.

By 2012, though, I began to pull away from the “big box” feeling that was encroaching on my ability to, in my opinion, properly serve my clients. I knew I needed to make a change to become genuine and authentic. So, in 2013 I formed Performance Wealth and began leveraging various specialists to provide clients a wide variety of services ad hoc without burdening my firm with idle payroll when they weren’t being fully utilized. This way, my clients get turnkey service from true specialists within the needed fields but typically only have to see me as the point of contact.

Always Rewarding, Never Giving Up

After more than 25 years, it's still rewarding to see the surprise and appreciation from folks that this advisor did what they promised after they’ve had less than stellar experiences at the big box places.

My deep desire to perform resonates with my personal and professional life, including exceeding my client's expectations. Once I have my sights set on a goal, whether with my clients or my family, it is my “Never Quit” mantra that makes sure it is seen all the way through to accomplishment. Simply put, I enjoy finding a better way to serve my clients.  A truly client-focused way. Not just hollow words or some marketing gimmick, but doing it. Schedule a time to see how we can best serve you.